Contact of the
cardiovascular center:

Hospital Immenstadt

Im Stillen 3
87509 Immenstadt
Phone: +49(0)8323/910-8950

Hospital Kempten

Robert-Weixler-Straße 50
87439 Kempten/Allgäu
Phone: +49(0)831/530-2217

Heart and Blood Vessels

The health of your heart and your blood vessels is the main focus of the cardiovascular center within the Kempten-Oberallgäu Hospital Association.

An interdisciplinary medical team consisting of cardiologists, angiologists and vascular surgeons provides patients with care around the clock on the basis of state-of-the-art medical possibilities. The first hybrid operating room in the southwest of Germany enables us to combine surgeries with catheter-assisted procedures.

Our patients benefit from these gentle and at the same time safe combinations which would only be available at high performance universities or university hospitals apart from our hospital.

Hybrid Operation Room in the Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten

The specific conception of our center enables the inpatient or even outpatient treatment of cardiovascular diseases according to their individual severity. The high degree of specialization of our medical specialists and their tight networking stands for high-quality medical care.

For further detail on the particular specialties, please read the corresponding sites.