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Hospital Immenstadt

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Cardiac Catheterization Team Immenstadt

The committed team of caregivers of the first hybrid operation room in the south-west of Germany.

Modern and effective medicine requires innovative medical technology. The first hybrid operation room in the south-west of Germany together with the hybrid cardiac catheter from Siemens opens up many possibilities, for example hybrid surgeries which combine surgeries with catheter-assisted procedures. Thanks to equipment which you might only find at high-performance hospitals or university hospitals, especially gentle and safe methods of treatment are provided. Apart from the innovative technology, the heart catheterization lab consists of a good team. With chief nursing officer Daniela Stahl, the cardiac catheterization team in Immenstadt takes care of patients around the clock: pacemaker implantations, cardiac catheter examinations, PTCA expansions, implantation of stents, performing myocardial biopsies, surgeries in case of peripheral artery occlusive diseases and so on. An intra-aortic balloon pump is available for seriously ill patients in cardiogenic shock. 

Cardiac Catheterization Team Kempten

The committed team of caregivers of the cardiac catheterization/ electrophysiology laboratories and the cardiologic area of activities of the hospital of Kempten.

The committed team of caregivers of the cardiac catheterization/ electrophysiology laboratories and the cardiologic area of activities of the hospital of KemptenApart from modern X-ray technology, the cardiac catheterization laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computer mapping technology. With the help of these systems, the causes for cardiac arrhythmias can be found and subsequently treated by means of an ablation. Moreover, ultramodern pacemaker and defibrillator systems are implanted here as well.

Yet, special emphasis is also laid on cardiac catheter examinations including visualisation and, if necessary, expansion of occlusive coronary arteries and implantation of coronary stents. Right-heart catheterization and taking samples of the heart muscle is also part of our daily routine. Seriously ill patients with cardiac insufficiency can be treated with an intra-aortic balloon pump and, in case of emergencies, with an external, mechanical cardiac massage device. Already since 1993, a team consisting of one cardiologist and one experienced heart catheterization caregiver has been available around the clock for the treatment of cardiac emergencies/ cardiac arrests in the cardiac catheterization lab of the hospital of Kempten. The team which was created under the direction of Gabriele Meyr has to prove itself time and time again in both diverse daily routine tasks and emergency care.

For the purpose of a prompt and specific diagnosis, the team of caregivers also organises and supervises the cardiologic department with its broad range of services (transesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography, stress echocardiography, spiroergometry, bicycle and treadmill ergometry, till table tests, long-term ECG and blood pressure monitoring; pacemaker, ICD and CRT controls, exercise and flow-directed catheter examinations).

Frau Selig - director

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