Contact of the
cardiovascular center:

Hospital Immenstadt

Im Stillen 3
87509 Immenstadt
Phone: +49(0)8323/910-8950

Hospital Kempten

Robert-Weixler-Straße 50
87439 Kempten/Allgäu
Phone: +49(0)831/530-2217


Specialised and experienced staff

Our specialised and experienced staff provides close-to-home treatment for cardiovascular patients in the Oberallgäu and in Kempten. As a specialized hospital for cardiovascular diseases, we are at your disposal around the clock. No matter whether a disease is diagnosed or suspected, we advise, examine, treat or perform surgery on you according to your individual needs.

Cardiovascular diseases impair the normal cardiovascular activity. They occur more often with increasing age and are by far the most frequent cause of death in Germany. Our hospitals particularly focus on the early diagnosis of such diseases. Acute diseases, such as heart attacks, strokes or blood circulation disorders are treated immediately. From non-obligatory consultations to highly specialized medical check-ups, the interdisciplinary medical staff provides you with diverse methods of examination and treatment according to the state of the art of diagnosis and treatment.

However, the well-being of our patients is our priority at all times. No matter whether you have a private or statutory health insurance, whether you are outpatient or inpatient, equally high standards are applied to all patients in our clinic.

As many people associate a stay in hospital with uncertainties and fears, we would like to inform you on this website about the physicians and their focuses as well as potential treatments and examinations.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Many years of wide-ranging experience and a high degree of specialization of the physicians of the Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten ensure high-quality medical care. Especially the interdisciplinary cooperation of cardiologists, acute- and intensive physicians ensures a personalized therapy which exploits the full potential of modern treatments. The direct cooperation with nearby university centres makes treatment on the highest level of medical research possible.