Contact of the
cardiovascular center:

Hospital Immenstadt

Im Stillen 3
87509 Immenstadt
Phone: +49(0)8323/910-8950

Hospital Kempten

Robert-Weixler-Straße 50
87439 Kempten/Allgäu
Phone: +49(0)831/530-2217



  • October 2008: Foundation of the Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu and launch of the first hybrid catheter laboratory in the south of Germany (head physicians in the collegiate system: Prof. Dr. J. Torzewski and Associate Professor Dr. W. Ito; in association with Dr. J. Rogg as chief physician for general, visceral and vascular surgery)
  • May 2009: 1st Allgäu Cardiovascular Days; national congress for cardiovascular medicine
  • November 2009: Appointment of the Oberallgäu hospitals as the academic teaching hospital of the University of Ulm
  • December 2009: Introduction of electrophysiological examinations for diagnostics and therapy of complex arrhythmias by Associate Professor Dr. M. Karch at the Kempten hospital
  • April 2010: Fusion of the Oberallgäu hospital and Kempten hospital to form the Kempten-Oberallgäu hospital group.
  • November 2010: First transcatheter aortic valve implantation by Prof. Dr. J. Torzewski at the Immenstadt hospital supported by Prof. Dr. N. Doll, Sana Herzchirurgie Stuttgart.
  • January 2011: Foundation of the Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten as a combined department within the Kempten-Oberallgäu hospital group with the two locations Kempten and Immenstadt (head physicians in the collegiate system: Associate Professor Dr. M. Karch, Prof. Dr. J. Torzewski and Associate Professor Dr. W. Ito)
  • February 2011: 2nd Allgäu Cardiovascular Days
  • May 2011: First aortocoronary bypass surgery at the Immenstadt hospital by Prof. Dr. N. Doll and Dr. J. Paula, Sana Herzchirurgie Stuttgart.
  • June 2011: Introduction of stent implantation for infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm at the Immenstadt hospital by Dr. J. Rogg, Prof. Dr. A. Scheule and Associate Professor Dr. W. Ito.
  • July 2011: Introduction of laser angioplasty by Associate Professor Dr. W. Ito at the Immenstadt hospital.
  • September 2011: First video transmission of a transcatheter aortic valve implantation from Germany to the People’s Republic of China (Tongji University Shanghai) as part of a German-Chinese partnership supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation from the Immenstadt hospital by Prof. Dr. J. Torzewski in cooperation with Prof. Dr. N. Doll, Sana Herzchirurgie Stuttgart.
  • November 2011: Introduction of renal denervation for the treatment of therapy-refractory arterial hypertension by Associate Professor Dr. W. Ito and Associate Professor Dr. O. Zimmermann at the Immenstadt hospital.
  • November 2011: Symposium on new standards in ICD therapy
  • March 2012: First PFO closure by assistant medical director Dr. Stefan Heetel
  • May 2012: Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer visits the Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten.
  • June 2012: 3rd Allgäu Cardiovascular Days
  • June 2012: Appointment of Prof. Dr. A. Scheule, cardiovascular surgeon, chief physician for vascular surgery at the History of the Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten.
  • July 2012: Certification of the Chest Pain Unit at the Immenstadt site by the German Cardiac Society
  • October 2012: First intracoronary implantation of Absorb Vascular Scaffolds by Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski and Associate Professor Dr. Wulf Ito
  • November 2012: “Einhäusigkeit” at the Klinikum Kempten. The Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten moves to new facilities at the Robert-Weixsler-Straße.
  • April 2013:  Introduction of mitral Clippings by Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski at the Immenstadt hospital.
  • April 2013: Certification of the Chest Pain Unit at the Kempten site by the German Cardiac Society.
  • July 2013: First implantation of atrial occluder by Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Kach and Dr. Stefan Heetel.
  • August 2013: Clinic Association Oberallgäu is nominated as the best Academic Teaching Hospital of Ulm University. Weblink
  • December 2013: Inclusion of first patient into the GABI-R Register by Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski (Weblink)
  • February 2014: 4th Allgäu Cardiovascular Days, Keynote Speaker Professor Dr. Thomas Zwaka, New York
  • May 2014: Implantation of first fully MRI-adopted ICD by Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski (Weblink)
  • Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski (Weblink)
  • June 2014: Publication of special issue „C-reactive protein and arteriosclerosis“ (Weblink)
  • February 2015: Zertification of Vascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten by German Society of Angiology
  • 27.–28. Februar 2015: 5th Allgaeu Cardiovascular Days
  • May 2015: First Laser-assisted ICD- lead extraction by OA Dr. Lutz Wagner und Dr. Johannes Paula (Sana Herzchirurgie Stuttgart) at Immenstadt hospital (Weblink)
  • June 2015: Mr. Senior Physician PD Dr. Oliver Zimmermann receives unscheduled professorship at the University of Ulm
  • June 2015: First patient randomization ABSORB IV study by Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski (Weblink)
  • July 2015: New medical directors in clinic association Kempten-Oberallgäu (Weblink)
  • September 2015: Bayerische Landesärztekammer provides complete authorization (with collateral clauses) for advanced training in Cardiology for both sites of Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten
  • November 2015: New Senior physician Stephanie Stone
  • December 2015: New modern Intensive Care United at Immenstadt
  • January 2016: Dr. Ulrich Seitzer is nominated as Head of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at Helios Clinic Am Stiftsberg, Bad Groenenbach
  • January 2016: New Senior Physician Dr. Myron Zaczkiewicz
  • January 2016: Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten is nominated as Training Center for Interventional Cardiology by German Society of Cardiology (Weblink)
  • February 2016: Dr. Lutz Wagner - Transfer to Dept. of Anaesthesiology 
  • February 2016: 6th Allgäu Cardiovascular Days (Weblink)
  • March 2016: New Senior Physician Mohammed Asker Hasan
  • April 2016: Dr. Stefan Heetel moves to Medical care centre St Vinzenz Pfronten
  • April 2016: Professor Dr. med. Oliver Zimmermann is nominated as assistant medical director
  • May 2016: Allgäu Private Cardiac Surgery (Weblink Allgäu TV)
  • July 2016: First Patient Inclusion in CAMI1-trial (C-reactive Protein Apheresis in Acute Myocardial Infarction) (Weblink)
  • August 2016: PD Dr. Ito receives professorship of Ulm university (Pressebericht)
  • February 2017: 7th Allgäu Cardiovascular Days (Flyer)
  • March 2017: 3D-Live-Transmission of Immenstadt Cardiac Surgery at 7th Allgäu Cardiovascular Days. (Weblink)
  • March 2017: Takotsubo Syndrome After Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation During Emergency Cesarean Delivery | Kraft, Katrina MD; Graf, Matthias MD; Karch, Martin MD; Felberbaum, Ricardo MD (Weblink)
  • July 2017: Bayerische Landesärztekammer provides complete authorization for advanced training in Intensive Care Medicine at Immenstadt Site (Professor Dr. Oliver Zimmermann, Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski)
  • August 2017: First Magmaris implantation and patient inclusion into Biosolve Registry by Professor Dr. Jan Torzewski and Dr. Myron Zaczkiewicz (Weblink)
  • February 2018: 2nd heart catheter lab at Immenstadt site
  • 2018: "Passagerer Herzschrittmacher – Schritt für Schritt" von Matthias Graf, Patrick Stiller und Martin Karch Download Pdf Version
  • März 2018: "Pacemaker Implantation Associated Myocardial Micro-Damage: A Randomised Comparison between Active and Passive Fixation Leads" mit Beteiligung von Martin Karch Download Pdf Version
  • April 2018: Zertification of Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu-Kempten as a Qualification Center for Elektrophysiology and Device Implantation by German Cardiac Society (Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Karch and Dr. Patrick Stiller)
  • September 2018: Professor Professor Dr. Wulf Ito nominated as Top angiologist  in Germany (Weblink)
  • Oktober 2018: Publikation Absorb IV in The Lancet (Weblink)
  • November 2018: „First in Man“: Case Report of Selective C-Reactive Protein Apheresis in a Patient with Acute ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (Weblink)
  • January 2019: Publication Biosolve (Weblink)
  • February 2019: 9th Allgäu Cardiovascular Days with Live implantation of s-ICD (Weblink)
  • April 2019: Selective C-reactive protein-apheresis in patients. (Weblink)
  • August 2019: Immenstadt ranks among German top hospitals (Weblink)
  • February 2020: 10th Allgäu Cardiovascular Days (Programm / Programm Patiententag)
  • März 2020: Two year efficacy and safety of small versus large ABSORB bioresorbable vascular scaffolds of ≤18 mm device length (Weblink)