Contact of the
cardiovascular center:

Hospital Immenstadt

Im Stillen 3
87509 Immenstadt
Phone: +49(0)8323/910-8950

Hospital Kempten

Robert-Weixler-Straße 50
87439 Kempten/Allgäu
Phone: +49(0)831/530-2217

Kempten, Immenstadt, Sonthofen and Oberstdorf

The hospital association Kempten-Oberallgäu includes the hospitals of Kempten, Immenstadt, Sonthofen, Oberstdorf and our cooperation partner rehab hospital Kempten-Oberallgäu in Sonthofen.

The Cardiovascular Center Oberallgäu –Kempten is located in both, the hospital Immenstadt, an interdisciplinary and specialized hospital, and the hospital Kempten, an interdisciplinary and specialized hospital providing level II care. Both hospitals provide internistic and surgical emergency care around the clock and 365 days a year. Furthermore, they are also academic teaching hospitals of the university of ulm.

View on the Alps at the hospital Immenstadt

Our wide spectrum of services covers internal medicine, general and accident surgery, hand surgery, gynaecology as well as otolaryngology and ophthalmology. In October 2008, the fields of angiology, cardiology and vascular surgery were added.

Our modern medical technology and highly qualified personnel provide for a high standard in diagnosis, treatment and care. The sophisticated equipment of the rooms, the beautiful surroundings and our nursing make the stay as comfortable as possible for the patient.

A recent patient survey, where the hospitals Oberallgäu received top marks in almost all categories, confirms the efforts of our association. We are very pleased with this outstanding result. The well-being of our patients is our top priority, of course.

The modern hospital of Kempten

Health Region Kempten-Oberallgäu

Recover and remain mobile in one of the most beautiful and popular holiday regions of Germany; that is the motto of our hospital association.